STEVIE ADA KLAARK works interdisciplinarily. Sounds, site-specific sculpture, paintings, words, the body, and video – a flux of made and altered / altered and found quasi-utilitarian objects and ephemeralities - which are used to construct associative tableaus and immersive spaces in which viewers can rethink the meanings they conventionally carry. Klaark spent much of her life traveling and carrying objects. She has come to associate those travels as encounters which result in the manifestation of personal daily rituals and is interested in the ways that migratory objects take on the emotional, metaphysical, and psychic experience of a certain time or place. In a larger sense, she relays how we can use certain types of objects and gestures to walk a line amongst the comic, the absurd, and the sublime and how this can be translated to the viewer through multimodality and phenomenological experience. She thinks of words like hostship, yak milk, quasi-spiritual, drinking the Kool-Aid, leave-no-trace, and radical inclusivity when thinking of how space is used.

Klaark holds an MFA from Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) and a Post Baccalaureate from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University. Her work has been featured in the Chicago Review | cover |, Bat City Review, Blue Mesa Review, Studio Visit Magazine, and on BOOOOOOOM!. She has exhibited internationally at Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico City, Mexico; Hús Hákarla Jörundar, Hrísey, Iceland; and Milk Glass Co., Toronto, ON, Canada. Klaark has been artist-in-residence at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT; Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Tremper, NY; and Contemporary Artists Center at Woodside, Troy, NY. She has been an Instructor at Cornell University, Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP) in Ithaca, NY, and an Educator at Marwen in Chicago, IL. Klaark is the recipient of the Tagvverk Torf Grant and the Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowship. She was born in the White Sands Desert, in New Mexico, and presently lives and works in Minneapolis, MN.


evidence/forensic assemblage - deadMade vs readymade / Her works conjure an idea of relics and a desolate journey. Fragments of already discarded yet highly functional objects, collected and arranged.  What was this arrangement? An alter? Stage?

The objects make invisible human need. 
De Chirico of migration and global logistics.
— JERRY LIM, Artist & Musician, 2017

A discrete tonal consistency is intrinsic to the oeuvre of Stevie Klaark, whose polished work uses mid century abstraction as a departure point.

Characterized by beautifully embellished surfaces and textured designs, the work is knit together with a
perceptive control of line, and the monochrome palette.
— ROSA JH BERLAND, Curator & Writer, 2015